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Zero trust passwordless authentication

Never trust, always verify

AI/ML Webinar with arm

Available on-Demand

Attendees will learn:

  • Discover how Fortifyedge has developed Zero Trust Authentication Software to provide OEMs developing products with a password-free authentication process

  • The technology utilizes next generation behavioral biometrics on Edge devices such as smartphones, wearables and smart IoT devices

  • The user is turned into the password, and with security taken care of, manufactures can focus on delivering next generation smart products.

                      is Fortifyedge's first solution for on-device continuous authentication for passwordless Zero trust security models.

Using on-device advanced scientific methods to continually authenticate users and devices without the need for the cloud. The scientific method embeds the users PII into the device.

Our scientific and standards-based approach enables full interoperability with your current Zero trust solution or you can start with or Bird's eye view for commercial applications or the Bird of Prey platform developed for the warfighter.


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