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Passwordless Wearables powered by TinyMLOps

Fortifyedge provides Zero Trust identity and access solutions for the tactical edge utilising TinyMLOps.


Specialising in Machine learning and AI for OEMs. Currently focusing on Cyber/ physical security.


Fortifyedge's mission is to solve the most complicated problems. Using state of the art approaches like edge computing and machine learning even when disconnected. So you can make trusted decisions at the speed of relevance. 

We solve the problem of 'Are you whom you say you are' seamlessly and continuously for highly mobile operators that can't be distracted by using smart cards, USB keys and passwords to access systems. Operators such as Public Safety professionals in PPE and warfighters in extreme conditions need strong authentication and access where traditional solutions are too cumbersome and put them at risk.

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Innovation at the edge

The adoption and then adaption of MLOps allow us to test learn and continuously deploy. For the warfighter, we also include H4D so we understand your problem mission fit. For commercial customers, we utilise value proposition and BMC to understand your user pain and gain points. Together these discovery methods make sure we work with you to discover and deliver tiny but powerful solutions continuously through to your teams and customers.

We have built our Bird's eye view and Bird of Prey platforms to take advantage of the sensor data and mission context. By using explainable AI we ensure you understand what's happening on the mission so you can implant your wisdom in the decision.

Designed with input from critical infrastructure operators, The insights gained allowed us to develop models that speed up contextual decision making by removing noise and building operator trust in the AI. 

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