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 Empower Mobility, Enhance Security - Move-ID™ 

 Unleash the power of Samsung wearables with Move-ID™, transforming them into a vigilant and stealthy gatekeeper. Our platform employs discreet on-device intelligence, ensuring the individual wielding the watch is as claimed, safeguarding against the most sophisticated identity breaches, including deepfakes. Specially designed for the dynamic workforce, our neural tech vigilantly analyzes wearable data, offering a shield of continuous risk management for those on the move with passwordless & phishing resistent continuous authentication. 

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 Conquer Noise, Ensure Safety - Noise-ID™ 

 Harness the cutting-edge of Samsung wearable tech with Noise-ID™. Far beyond a mere alert system, this revolutionary tool evaluates noise hazards in real-time, seamlessly uniting with an all-encompassing workforce management interface. Experience expansive health and safety oversight, catering to both bustling facilities and isolated sites. Our platform, embedded with Generative AI, forecasts hazardous noise potential, guiding preemptive actions to uplift safety and operational pace. 

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 Intelligent Analysis, Optimal Performance - Predict-ID™ 

 At the core of our innovative suite, developed in collaboration with industry titans ARM, Samsung Wearables, Microsoft, and Thales, lies a technology platform that's as robust as it is intelligent. Our human-centered Generative AI and TinyMLOps infrastructure imbue on-device intelligence with unparalleled prowess, ensuring peak performance even in the remotest of locales. This groundbreaking approach to edge computing guarantees that workers and defense personnel maintain high-level support under the most stringent conditions — when communication lines are compromised or non-existent. Crafted for resilience and autonomy, our technology is the trusted ally for those on the front lines, providing smart, decisive solutions that stand steadfast where connectivity cannot reach. Predict-ID™ is built utilizing on-device TinyML and the Samsung Privileged Health SDK for real-time accurate and efficient biomarker monitoring. 



Immediate Response, Ensured Safety - Duress-ID™

Introducing Duress-ID™: our latest innovation designed to offer instant support and assurance to frontline workers in high-pressure environments. When every second counts, Duress-ID™ stands as a silent sentinel, ready to initiate emergency protocols at the first sign of distress. This seamless integration into our existing wearable tech provides a lifeline for individuals in manufacturing, transport, public safety, and defense sectors, ensuring that help is summoned with the simple activation of a device. Building on our partnerships with ARM, Samsung Wearables, Microsoft, and Thales, Duress-ID™ is the next step in proactive personnel protection, marrying rapid response with the discretion and reliability that high-stakes situations demand.

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FortifyManage™: Your Command Center for Remote Human Monitoring

Empower your operations with FortifyManage™, our comprehensive Remote Human Monitoring Dashboard designed to be the nerve center of workforce oversight. Built for clarity and efficiency, FortifyManage™ provides commanders and supervisors with real-time data and analytics of their teams, no matter where they are. Leveraging our collaborations with industry leaders ARM, Samsung Wearables, Microsoft, and Thales, FortifyManage™ integrates seamlessly with our suite of wearable technologies, offering a panoramic view of worker well-being, operational status, and safety alerts. With its intuitive interface and powerful backend, FortifyManage™ is the essential tool for maintaining peak performance and proactive management in today's distributed work environments.

Tactical CoPilot™ 

Elevate your mission's capabilities with Tactical CoPilot™, our premier Human-machine teaming solution, expertly optimized for austere settings. Utilizing the most sophisticated transformer architecture for Generative AI at the edge, Tactical CoPilot™ is tailored for the unpredictable nature of tactical operations. The platform is powered by the next-generation ARM Ethos-U85 microNPU, a groundbreaking innovation that equips small embedded devices with the ability to support Transformer Networks alongside Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for AI inferencing.

This cutting-edge capability ensures that even in the most challenging environments, your team is backed by AI that understands the context and nuances of real-world scenarios. Tactical CoPilot™ delivers AI-driven insights and recommendations, enhancing the strategic acumen of human counterparts and ensuring a combined force that's more intelligent, responsive, and effective than ever before.

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