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Cyber Physical security through

Sensor Fusion & Analytics

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Situational awareness of your critical infrastructure

Fortifyedge provides improved situational awareness of your critical infrastructure such as fixed and remote assets from perimeter monitoring, waste management, utility usage and protection. Utilising sensor fusion and analytics from across your ecosystem. Employing our IoT edge computing, tiny machine learning to detect anomalies wherever your assets reside.

Fortifyedge is a USAF AFWERX SBIR Awardee, USAF TechStars Accelerator Alumni Company and Multi Award winner for Cyber and Physical security for defense, critical infrastructure and NIST, Behavioural Authentication for first responders.

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Protecting your critical infrastructure

Fortifyedge IoT Platform
  • Improved situational awareness of responding personnel for incident awareness and analysis

  • Positive identification at entry control points and then track individual personnel in the secure zone

  • Demonstrate high reliability under field conditions

Platform features 
  • Real-time visibility of personnel/asset movement over wide areas with limited cellular coverage or black spots. 

  • Cost effective sensor deployment over wide areas

  • Ultra-low power LoRaWAN sensors and gateways

  • Geolocation and virtual geo-fencing of security zones indoor and outdoor

  • Long range with deep indoor penetration (2miles+ urban, 10 to 100's miles regional and remote)

  • End-to-end multi-tenant security utilizing PKI at the network and application level

  • Public or private deployment

  • Agnostic to backhaul technology (5G, LTE, POE, WIFI, Satellite)

  • Low cost open-standard ecosystem for IoT that works with AWS, Azure

  • Open standards, interoperability avoiding vendor lock in and flexibility of buy/build options

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