What are we up to

Save the Tassie Devil - Using Tiny ML in the wild

Pen sensor set ups
Checking out the pens
Pen set up. Undisclosed location
Safe eating and escape
A place to hide

 Using non-invasive ways to find out about our native animals.

Through the use of tiny neural networks on tiny sensors so we have the least impact possible on the Tasmanian Devils.

Frictionless authentication
so you can focus on the mission

Move ID - tiny neural networks that learn about the operator and run on any of the smart devices so we continuously assess risk in real time when accessing systems

Turning you into the password…


AI in the Real World

Fortifyedge's mission is to solve the most complicated problems.

Using state of the art approaches like edge computing and tiny machine learning even when disconnected.


So you can make trusted decisions at the speed of relevance.

Mission insights with your wisdom

Explainable Ai, understanding your connected world.