Base Defense Sensor Fusion & Analytics

Fortifyedge provides improved situational awareness of perimeter and internal defenses at installations such as fixed and expeditionary bases utilizing IoT edge computing and tiny machine learning. Fortifyedge is a USAF AFWERX SBIR Awardee and USAF TechStars Accelerator Alumni Company. 

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Protecting your critical infrastructure

Fortifyedge IoT Platform
  • Improved situational awareness of responding personnel for incident awareness and analysis

  • Positive identification at entry control points and then track individual personnel in the secure zone

  • Demonstrate high reliability under field conditions

Platform features 
  • Real-time visibility of personnel/asset movement over wide areas with limited cellular coverage or black spots. 

  • Cost effective sensor deployment over wide areas

  • Ultra-low power LoRaWAN sensors and gateways

  • Geolocation and virtual geo-fencing of security zones indoor and outdoor

  • Long range with deep indoor penetration (2miles+ urban, 10 to 100's miles regional and remote)

  • End-to-end multi-tenant security utilizing PKI at the network and application level

  • Public or private deployment

  • Agnostic to backhaul technology (5G, LTE, POE, WIFI, Satellite)

  • Low cost open-standard ecosystem for IoT that works with AWS, Azure

  • Open standards, interoperability avoiding vendor lock in and flexibility of buy/build options